Empowering Tech Talents from Bangladesh to Thrive Globally.

CodeCamp is a flagship initiative by Astha IT, a leading tech company in Bangladesh. Dedicated to creating world-class engineers, our program narrows the bridge between aspiring coders and the thriving tech industry. We offer top-notch training and emulate real work scenarios through collaboration with top tech experts, furthering our commitment to both skill development and societal progress.
The Gap
With an illustrious track record of 15+ years dedicated to advancing revolutionary technology, we've boldly confronted the longstanding gaps that have hindered our nation's progress. These gaps, which once posed significant challenges, have now increased owing to the unprecedented global demand for technology. As the world molds itself around technological innovation, we stand at the forefront, committed to bridging these gaps and propelling our nation to new heights of excellence!

Limitations of academic learning

Thousands of CSE graduates every year face a critical challenge when they start working in the industry. Universities fail to provide real-life work exposure and skills, not preparing the students for the competitive tech landscape.

Virtual learning is not efficient

There are tons of online courses available but those cannot provide hands-on experience. Education works the best simply when you learn from someone in-person experienced enough to upgrade your skills, solving a problem together.

Training centers lack real world understanding

Different career centers provide certifications that too are no match for making you a real life problem solver. Most trainers in these centers are "teachers" by profession and not active "engineers" themselves.

The Bridge
Your Journey to Tech Excellence
In the realm of technology, theory alone can't bridge the gap between potential and proficiency. That's where CodeCamp comes in - a transformative journey that empowers you with practical skills and real-world experience.
World Class Training
Crafting Tech Prowess
Building Your Tech Identity
Paving Your Career Path
World Class Training
Hands-On Learning: Go beyond textbooks, conventional trainings and online courses. Engage in real life projects under the guidance of highly experienced tech professionals.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Keep up with times with our industry - aligned curriculum designed with today’s tech demands in mind.
Crafting Tech Prowess
Problem-Solving Skills: Take on obstacles head-on while cultivating your capacity for planning and creativity.

Collaborative Environment: Interact with like-minded individuals to improve communication and teamwork skills.
Building Your Tech Identity
Project Portfolio: Create an impressive body of work that demonstrates your skills to future employers.

Industry Insights: Connect with tech leaders, gaining exposure and insights into the dynamic tech landscape.
Paving Your Career Path
Job-Ready Skills: Gain the charm and confidence to excel in interviews and thrive in your tech career.

Networking Opportunities: Build connections that count - your gateway to dream jobs! Get guaranteed interview placements in reputable organizations of the country!
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The Courses
We offer three comprehensive courses to provide your career the boost it deserves!
Our curriculum aims to take a modern and 360-degree approach towards application development.
Aspirants are selected matching ambition with the perfect learning path.
Igniting potential through expert-led immersion, building real-world skills that launch careers.
Connecting talent with opportunity, bridging the gap between dreams and thriving professionals.
Our hiring partners
Companies that recruit directly from our graduates.
And many more. These top software companies have proclaimed their support for our 16 weeks training program. They believe in our course material and trust the quality of engineers who have successfully completed them.

Make your move towards success

Ignite your hidden potential and build your dream career. We'll equip you with all the tools and guidance to make it happen!