About Us

Nurturing Tomorrow's Tech Leaders
Driven by passion, we industry experts have meticulously crafted a comprehensive and efficient curriculum that places hands-on experience at its core. We believe that coding extends far beyond mere lines of code; it's an intricate blend of creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

CodeCamp is a premium and flagship academy and bootcamp program of . It's a one of a kind initiative where trainees get to work, play and learn form industry experts with a 360 degrees office experience.

With a view to shaping the future of Bangladesh’s tech industry we are dedicated to nurture aspirants in a way that they become market ready, beyond borders!

The four pillars
Become a world-class software engineer in 4 months!
By industry-expert senior engineers
On scalable application development
At a real software company
With soft skills development
What They Say About Us
Discover what sets our bootcamp apart through the experiences of our dedicated students. Hear firsthand accounts of their transformative journeys, insightful learning moments, and career successes. These testimonials reflect the passion, dedication, and impact of our comprehensive programs.